Report: Rob Kardashian In Desperate Need Of Rehab!

This whole situation on Rob Kardashian is really sad.  Anytime someone develops an addiction, famous or not, is never a good thing.  Being a Kardashian comes with a heavy load that clearly has gotten the best of Rob.

Sources are telling TMZ that the Kardasians are doing all they can to get Rob the help that he needs. The situation has gotten bad and he’s allegedly deep into Sizzurp and has been smoking a lot of weed. The Kardashains are reportedly calling around to rehab centers. However, Rob refuses to go.

These pictures surfaced a few days ago and the family is hoping that Rob sees them and realizes how bad the situation really is.


After Kim allegedly dissed Rob at her wedding and Rob abruptly left, he apparently hasn’t really hasn’t spoken to the family.  Kris Jenner isn’t giving up on her son despite the stores that she’s some evil mother.

So what do you guys think? Will Rob listen to the family and seek help? Does he really need it? Here’s hoping this downward spiral with Rob Kardashian doesn’t end in tragedy.


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