Jennifer Lawrence And Jimmy Fallon Are Hilarious In ‘Box Of Lies’ Skit

Jennifer Lawrence may be America’s sweetheart and a fantastic actress, but is she a good liar?

That’s what Jimmy Fallon aimed to find out last night on the Tonight Show with a segment called “Box of Lies.”

The premise of the game is to select a box with a random object inside that the other person cannot see. From there, you can either be honest about what’s in the box or you can make something up, and the opponent has to determine whether you are lying or telling the truth.

Naturally, hilarity ensues, as each object is just as ridiculous as the next and J. Law and Jimmy continuously make each other laugh.

At one point, after Fallon makes up a lie, Lawrence quips, “I feel like if that’s not the truth, you’re a sociopath!” Oops!

Seriously, these two are comedy gold! Can we see them in a movie together soon, please?

During her interview, the actress, who was showing off some longer locks, also called Jimmy Fallon out for embarrassing her in front of Jennifer Lopez at a recent party.

As the story goes, the two had devised a plan to get J. Lo to dance with them which included an elaborate routine, but mid-spin Jimmy decided to bail, leaving J. Law out to dry! Watch the clip above!

Lawrence was on The Tonight Show promoting her latest movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, which hits theaters on May 23.

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