Top 5 Places To Take Mom For Free Food This Mother’s Day!

Okay, so Mother’s Day is in two days and let’s be real for a second…. I have yet to get squat for my mom.

But what I did do is find my Top 5 Deals for Mother’s Day, so not only can you take your mom out for a treat, but it’ll be easy on your wallet!

  1.  TCBY – Free (6 oz) yogurt for mom, YES! Especially if your mom is on a health kick, it’s semi better than ice cream.
  2. Starbucks – Buy one get one free OPRAH Chai for Mother’s Day! 1) This is awesome because I finally tried the Oprah Chai last week and loved it. 2) Moms love Oprah. 3) Everybody loves Chai!
  3. KFC – FREE family sized cake with a 10 piece meal! My mouth is already watering for a bucket!
  4. T.G.I. Fridays – 1/2 off bottles of wine ALL WEEKEND! Seriously, go get your mom drunk for Mother’s day… she deserves it!
  5. HOOTERS – This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! Hooters is the best place to take your mom ever because lets be honest… it’s Hooters. So if you take your mom to Hooters you can get a free meal

Enjoy! Happy Mother’s Day all you moms!


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