Zac Efron And Seth Rogen Dress As Teen Girls, Slam James Franco

Zac Efron became a teen idol when he played Troy Bolton in the High School Musical franchise, and now, he’s emulating the young ladies that brought him that fame!

In the latest installment of the Tonight Show segment “Ew!,” Neighbors stars Efron and Seth Rogen join Jimmy Fallon (aka Sara Wallace) as besties Brittany Anderson and Allison Donnelly to drink Starbucks Frappuccinos, take a few selfies and dance to Lil John’sTurn Down for What.”

Efron, who apparently makes a very pretty girl, even does a bit of twerking in the video, while Rogen decides to forgo shaving, making him a not-so-attractive young lady.

Later, and the trendy trio have an ‘Ew!’ speed round and among the topics that they discuss are crocs (“Ew!”), sloths (“Ew!”), tomatoes (“Ew!”) and Gary Oldman (who Rogen’s Allison apparently thinks is “cute!”)

However, the ladies sadly don’t think the same about James Franco, who elicited the biggest ‘EW!’ of them all, especially after he sent them a group text!

 Watch the hilarious video above and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments! 


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