How To Be More Popular On Instagram

So wait, people actually get paid to figure out how to get more “likes” on Instagram? I want that job – creeping on random people’s pictures to figure out how many people double tap it. The findings are SHOCKING! (That was sarcasm).

Based on study done by MITElle Magazine reports that pics featuring bikinis, mini-skirts and guns apparently get the most “likes” on Instagram, while adorable animals like cheetahs and pandas also prove to be a big hit. Meanwhile, posts that include laptops, golf carts and spatulas (which surely you take pictures of all the time…) garner the least amount of positive attention.

Posting a video of me dancing to Iggy Azalea ‘Fancy’ in the 98.7 AMP Radio studio doesn’t meet the requirements of the “popular” page on Instagram, I guess. I bet if I was wearing a bikini & mini-skirts holding a gun it would have gotten a million “likes.”

Do me a solid and like the video so I can tell everyone I’m popular. Thanks!

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