The Jenner Sisters Vs. Selena Gomez

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Photo by Todd Oren/Getty Images for Fruttare

Photo by Todd Oren/Getty Images for Fruttare

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This is your typical high school drama girl fight, aside from the fact that everyone in this story is filthy rich and probably didn’t attend a normal school.

So according to Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez has apparently got it twisted and SHE’S the toxic friend who can’t handle herself around drugs, booze or Justin Bieber.

Jenner sisters: one point.

Selena unfollowed the Jenners on Instagram last week and TMZ reports that it was because Gomez realized  while hanging with them at Coachella that they were a bad influence and a distraction from her music.

Selena Gomez: one point.

Meanwhile, the Jenner girls allegedly claim that Selena had a paranoid meltdown at Coachella, accusing Bieber of hitting on other girls, like the Jenners. Which could probably be true because it’s Justin Bieber.

I declare Bieber the winner!

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