Throwback Thursday With Black Eyed Peas!

Back in April of 2009 the Black Eyed Peas began their unprecedented six-month stranglehold atop the Billboard Hot 100! “Boom Boom Pow” reached No. 1 where it stayed for 12 weeks, only to be dethroned by the group’s follow-up, “I Gotta Feeling,” which led for 14 frames, giving the Peas a record 26 consecutive weeks atop the Hot 100. That’s insane!

The movement of the Black Eyed Peas all over your radio was a fun time in music. Even hearing their songs today still fit in with modern day music. Let’s put them in the spotlight this week for Throwback Thursday!

The Black Eyed Peas have nothing but jams in my opinion!

What’s your favorite Black Eyed Peas jam?


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