Gillian’s Long Story Short: #WeirdAlienGuy

So I downloaded the dating app Tinder a few weeks ago to potentially meet some new guys since all I’ve been meeting are losers lately…

Anyways, I started talking to this guy Brandon. He seemed really cool, had a good job, was close with his family, loved tennis, all good signs! We made plans to get dinner later that week. He asked if he could call and talk to me on the phone before hand. UHM DUH.

About 5 minutes into our convo I jokingly asked him if he thought aliens were real…He basically LOST HIS MIND. He went on and on for about 20 minutes talking about galaxies, light years, the perimeter of the moon, why Venus most likely has life but Mars doesn’t…the distance from the Sun to the Earth…I LITERALLY SET THE TIMER ON MY IPHONE. HE WENT FOR 20 MINUTES. I DIDN’T SAY A WORD.

Long story short, I deleted the app the next day.


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