Lady Gaga Gets Puked On At SXSW Performance!

Who knew ‘vomit painters’ existed and that it’s considered art?! Leave it to Lady Gaga to introduce us to this disgusting act. Thursday night, Lady Gaga’s performance at SXSW included London-based “vomit painter” and friend of the ArtPop singer Millie Brown.

Brown, 27 is reportedly a “professional puker” (seriously?!) and here how it works: she drinks colored soy milk and barfs it up on canvases (and human beings). This isn’t her first time working with Gaga – Brown appeared in the music video for “Exorcist Interlude.”

If you care to see this insane act CLICK HERE!

We all know Lady Gaga is crazy when it comes to her performances, but is this pushing it too far? It’s not healthy to stick your finger down your throat and force yourself to puke. So gross!

Lady Gaga also opened up about her insecurities during the strange set:

“Sometimes, guys, when you’re not yourself it’s so much harder. It’s so much easier to be yourself than it is to be somebody else,” she told the crowd before singing “Dope” (via Billboard). “When you have to pretend to be somebody else you do things you don’t wanna do. It eats your soul inside and makes you do stupid s–t. I wrote this song for all the things I’m sorry for. I’m so sorry to myself, that I don’t always be myself. But I’m gonna be myself today.”

Her show in Detroit on May 17th is almost sold out. Be prepared for anything Monsters. You’ve been warned!


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