Viral Video Of The Day: Little Boy Rationally Explains Why He Needs A Cupcake

We’ve probably all tried to argue to get our way at least once in our lives, but we’re not sure it’s ever been this adorable!

In this installment of the Viral Video of the Day, three-year-old Mateo uses his best debating techniques to convince his mom that he DOES need a cupcake, repeatedly demanding that she “listen!”:

Throughout the clip, it also becomes apparent that this hard-headed little guy is as sneaky as he is charming as it’s revealed that he tried to trick his grandma into giving him the tasty treat even after his mom (aka ‘Linda’/’honey’) said no!

We’re not sure who won this particular quarrel, but one thing’s for sure – someone has to get this kid on the fast-track to law school!

Have you ever met a kid as argumentative as this 3-year-old? Share your stories in the comments!


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