Austin Mahone Debuts Music Video For ‘MMM Yeah’ – Watch It Here!

Austin Mahone has dropped his music video for ‘MMM Yeah’ and it’s awesomeness is giving us a little déjà vu…

The Gil Green-directed clip has got it all: great dancing, awesome energy, a crazy set complete with light-up walls and a moving floor, a few lovely ladies and of course, Pitbull!

Of course, the scene may look very familiar to some fans as it bears a strong resemblance to the music video for Jamiroquai’s 1996 hit “Virtual Insanity.” Still, it seems as though Mahone and company are simply paying tribute to the iconic video, perhaps because “Virtual Insanity” scored a whopping ten nominations at the 1997 MTV VMAs, winning Breakthrough Video and Best Video of the Year.

At any rate, imitation’s the highest form of flattery – right?!

Check out Austin Mahone’s music video for “MMM Yeah” and share your thoughts in the comments section!


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