Who Did Taylor Swift Lose Her Virginity To? & The Bachelor Recap

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(Courtesy Big Machine Records)

(Courtesy Big Machine Records)

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On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo took the remaining six contestants to Miami….aka the producers planned to send them there and paid for it…

Sharleen, the woman who intrigued Juan Pablo the most, chose to leave the show. After a one-on-one date, the sexy opera singer explained that she wasn’t ready to commit and didn’t want to take up anyone’s spot.

Andi can thank her for that, because the rose that Juan Pablo planned to give to Sharleen ended up in her hands. That left one woman to be eliminated, and Juan Pablo seemed upset to send Chelsea home — he even cried a little bit. Next week, he will visit the hometowns of all the women to meet their families.

Did Jake Gyllenhaal hit it and quit it with Taylor Swift? RadarOnline is reporting that Swift lost her virginity to Gyllenhaal, even though she’d been planning to wait til marriage, and that the actor followed up by bailing on her 21st birthday party.

“She thought she was going to marry Jake, that’s how in love she was with him,” Radar’s source says.

The source claims that shortly after the two began sleeping together, Gyllenhaal simply didn’t show up to the birthday bash (SOUNDS LIKE MY EX-BOYFRIEND), and Swift spent the entire party locked in the bathroom crying.

According to Radar’s source, Swift’s song “The Moment I Knew” is about that wretched night and that “every word” of her album Red was inspired by her breakup with Gyllenhaal.

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