Former High School Bully Apologizes To Gay Classmate

Just the other day, a friend of mine said he saw someone from high school on Facebook and that he felt bad because he use to tease her for her weight. As teenagers, we should know better, but sometimes we don’t. Growing up gives you a different perspective on things. I told him he should reach out to her say hello and to apologize; something I’m sure would mean a lot to her.

When I saw this posting on a former bully who did the right thing, I had to share!! So heartfelt and inspiring!

Lucas Bane and David Devora shared to the world a very special moment in their lives, the night they got engaged! The video went viral and the former bully saw it. He was so moved that he decided to reach out to Lucas and apologize, reaching out to him through Facebook.

Congrats to the happy couple and to the unnamed bully who did the right thing! Take a look at this!


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