Are Rihanna & Drake Dating Again? We Hope So!

I love hearing stories about Rihanna and Drake hanging out again! Drake is f**kin’ hot and seems like the perfect guy to cuddle up with! Rihanna, as we know, is still recovering for her bad relationship with Chris Brown. Drake has always said that the two have had crazy chemistry since the very first time they met!

Drake & Rihanna have been friends forever, and it’s been known that they are friends that fill each other’s needs…which probably doesn’t entail holding hands. Lately, the two have reportedly been spending as much time together as their busy schedules allow. A source tells all the juicy details!

“Whatever happens between them, happens. They’re doing what they do on the low, and they like to keep it that way. They fill each other’s needs when they can, and that’s how they’re choosing to roll.”

The source also went on to say that Rihanna and Drake love seeing each other, but attempting to settle down and have a “committed” relationship isn’t in the cards for them at this hectic moment in their careers.

“They are both busy promoting this and promoting that and working on their music, so there’s really no time to cultivate a relationship like that,” the source tells Hollywood Life. ”When Drake’s interested in a woman and ready be totally committed, he’s going to want at least six months off the bat just being alone with her so they can lay down some foundation. Right now, they both don’t have that time.”

I’d roll with it too girl! So what do you guys think? Do you see a future relationship blooming between these two megastars?

Congratulations to Rihanna who just won a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary album for Unapologetic.

Let’s have a Drake & Rihanna moment! They do make beautiful music together!


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