Justin Bieber Gets Off Unscathed And Grammy High and Lowlights!

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Justin Bieber is getting off unscathed again! After raiding his mansion the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department found no evidence he egged his neighbor’s house.

If you remember, Sheriff’s deputies were looking for surveillance video that might have incriminated Justin. They were also looking to see if Justin bragged about the egging in text messages immediately after the incident.

Welp. They apparently found nothing, which means Justin may have just paid some people off again…

The Grammys! My absolute favorite moment from last night? Beyoncé and Jay Z’s steamy performance of “Drunk in Love”…it was so hot…like if I could ever rock a thong in public like B…I would die happy.

But did you see the Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar performance?? Something I definitely never saw coming but it was my second FAV of the night for suuure!

Least favorite moment…The Beatles. Not to be rude but.. Paul McCartney with Ringo Starr…like…go to bed grandpas…

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