Chris Brown Reacts To Rihanna Burning His Love Letter!

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Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

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Sometimes in order to move on from a love your heart still loves… you have to let it burn burn burn! When I read the news that Rihanna recently burned an old love letter from Chris Brown on New Year’s Eve I was happy for her. Maybe that will help her truly move on. I’ve burned a few letters in my life, and it does make you feel stronger! One person who wasn’t happy was her ex Chris Brown!

We all know the history of these two. Well back in January of 2013 Chris Brown gave Rihanna a deep and heartfelt letter he poured his feelings into. At the time the letter brought Rihanna to tears. The two tried dating again but that didn’t last..

Chris Brown heard about Rihanna burning this letter and he was shocked. I guess he thought it would be something she would cherish for years to come. Sorry dude that’s not how RiRi rolls! Chris Brown is now saying he’s “over” Rihanna after hearing how she burned his heartfelt love letter.

”He’s paying her no mind and he thinks she’s crazy,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

So what do you guys think of Rihanna burning this letter? Was it the right thing to do? Let’s have a Rihanna moment. This performance at The American Music Awards was such a big moment for her!

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