Man Almost Killed Trying To Sell Jay Z Tickets On Craigslist

I’m pretty sure we have all used Craigslist at least once, that’s why this story freaks me out. A Houston man was nearly killed when he met with two women to sell them tickets to a Jay-Z concert.

The man had 8 tickets to the show but set up a meeting to sell two of them to a woman he found on Craigslist.  One of the women told the seller she had a child in her car and couldn’t get out. When the man approached the vehicle, one of the women grabbed the tickets and sped off with the man clinging on.

The man was kicked and fell off the vehicle. He broke his leg, left arm and right hand. When the cops showed up to the concert they found the women sitting in the seats and arrested them.

Thankfully, both women have been charged with aggravated robbery. The victim will need plastic surgery and will likely have trouble walking because of his injuries.

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