Britney Spears ‘Piece Of Me’ Las Vegas Show!

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Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Ethan Miller/GettyImages

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There’s been a lot of excitement going on for the holidays including lots of talk about Britney Spears who finally kicked off her Piece of Me Las Vegas show! As a big Britney fan I’m cheering for my girl! Unfortunately the show has opened to mixed reviews…

Britney’s Piece of Me show has all the makings of a flashy Vegas production! Lavish costumes, back-up dancers, a live band pounding out her greatest hits, elaborate sets and effects. I’m hoping that with each show she get’s her mojo back. Here’s the thing, she’s still really good she just use to be better…. Before you watch her new stuff take a look back at this….

Britney Spears dominated pop music in her prime. Today she struggles to make the same impact. She’s not selling it hard enough, and I’m a Britney fan! It wasn’t just the songs that blew her up but the video’s, and her electrifying dancing…. that’s where Britney falls short these days. She’s never been known for her singing so I’m not bothered by that. She still looks amazing but I wonder if she’s lost her passion for performing. In my opinion she’s lost that snap in her moves, and that fire in her eyes. She use to own it when she graced the stage and now it seems like she’s just going through the motions. I still love her and I’ll go see her show in Vegas, but when I read about the mixed reviews I know exactly what they’re talking about.

Sorry for the quality on some of these Vegas video’s. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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