Throwback Thursday With BEYONCE!

You can’t touch Beyonce! In my opinion she is the HOTTEST star in entertainment period! She’s drop dead gorgeous, has a voice that soars, and is adored by everyone! Her talent is unmatched.

Beyonce has done what no other artist has done and it paid off! On Friday Beyonce very quietly released a new album!! No tv or radio promo tour, no album leaked online, no single released. Beyonce said screw it… here’s my album and her fans responded!!!

Beyonce’s self titled album is breaking records everywhere! In less than a week it has surpassed a million copies! That’s how you do it girl!!! Let’s celebrate Queen B for Throwback Thursday!!

Jay Z is one lucky man!

This could be the greatest chick anthem ever!

To the left to the left!

This song isn’t that old but I LOVE it and Beyonce!


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