Justin Bieber Talks About How ‘Being In Love Is The Most Powerful Thing’

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Christmas day can’t come fast enough for die hard Beliebers. That’s when Justin Biebers new documentary Believe will be released. Take a look at Justin talking about how love is the most powerful thing!

I think we can all agree that Justin has learned a lot about love from ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. In this movie Justin is telling his side of the story. He was asked this tough question:

“Are you aware you could be the next train wreck?” And addresses the issues he has with the paparazzi.

“I’ve been chased by those people..and they were verbally assaulting me. They wanted to get a reaction from me so they could make me seem out of control. I learned from that. When they see it from my perspective — I’m a good person.”

So what’s up with Justin retiring?! Apparently during a radio interview in Los Angeles that’s what he said…

After his new album comes out on Dec. 23, Justin will be calling it quits from the music world … at the age of 19. Ok that I don’t believe. Maybe he will take a long break…. That I could understand! What do you guys think of that?!

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