40-Year-Old Fetus Found In 82-Year-Old Woman

So this is a TRIP! A Colombian woman suffering from sever stomach pains was actually carrying a decades-old lithopedion, also known as a ‘stone baby’. Doctors at Tunjuelito Hospital in Bogota reported they originally thought the woman was suffering from a stomach bug, but the scans revealed it was something much more serious!

The  woman’s fetus developed in her abdomen, which is obviously not a “viable place” for a baby to grow. According to  explained this NBC News, the fetus gets to an advanced stage and when it is too big  for the woman’s body to absorb it, the remains of the unborn child then turn to “stone” to protect the body from being infected from the decomposing tissue.


She will now undergo a surgery to remove the lithopedion. The ‘stone baby’ forming in a woman is a very rare occurrence, only about 300 documented cases of it has been reported in medical history. The most recent case of this happening was with a woman in China back in 2009. Her lithopedion was 60 years old!

CLICK HERE to see the photos! 


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