Did Ohio State Hack The Michigan Football Instagram Last Night?

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Another Michigan vs. Ohio State football will be played this Saturday at the ‘Big House’ in Ann Arbor at Noon. It’s not a secret, these two teams HATE each other. OSU is ranked 3rd, where Michigan has struggled at times this year and is currently unranked.

No fuel needs to be added to this fire, we don’t like them… they don’t like us. Last night, someone who apparently prefers Ohio State, took it to another level when they hacked the Michigan Football Instagram. For 6 minutes the profile picture was the Buckeyes mascot and the profile read ‘OH-IO #GoBucks’.

The only picture posted before it was changed was a wolverine being hit by the mascot. Luckily before Michigan could change everything back, I snapped a few screen shots on my phone. Oh and… GO BLUE!

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