Throwback Thursday with Britney Spears!

I’m going waaaaaaaaaay back for this! To celebrate the Pop Princess Britney Spears releasing her new album Britney Jean, let’s take it back to the Mickey Mouse Club days! Watch the video’s down below.

Wait it gets better! I would love to see Britney perform this song! Check out her dance moves in this one!

Britney Spears has done it all! She dated Justin Timberlake, danced with Michael Jackson, had the public meltdown, drug addiction and public humiliation. Britney Spears has experienced one of the biggest musical comebacks ever. In 2007 people wrote Britney off but not me.. I’ve always loved her and I appreciate what she’s done for pop music! Here’s some of my FAVORITE Britney momenst!

This is how you rock the VMAs!

I think In The Zone and Circus are my favorite albums and all the videos…HOT!

I asked Amp listeners on Twitter what Britney songs they wanted and these 2 got the most votes!


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