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Here’s EVERYTHING you heard on the Coop Show on Tuesday, October 29, 2013!

By the way you can listen to the entire thing on your smart phone for free :) no app needed.

6am On The Coop Show-

What is the worst Halloween costume you ever had as a kid? Plus our legal expert Charlie Langton (Fox 2, WWJ) comes in studio to talk about Chris Brown and what kind of charges he could be facing after breaking his probation.

To listen on a mobile device CLICK HERE!

– Gillian and I act out one of our favorite Halloween movies – can you guess which one it is (PS – please excuse our terrible acting!) PLUS… Gillian tells her Long Story Short (Exes are exes for a reason)! Finally, A Canton, MI resident proposes on the Today Show but he may have screwed the whole thing up.

7am On The Coop Show-

– Have you ever said to yourself “Damn…I know I dated the worst boyfriend ever”! Now…you can win prizes because of it! PLUSd Macklemore tickets! Check it out:

To listen on a mobile device CLICK HERE!

– Want an ENTIRE HOUR of commercial free music. Seriously…0 commercials. Turn this on your phone and enjoy a work out, drive to work, etc. :) you’re welcome

To listen on a mobile device CLICK HERE!

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