Is Justin Timberlake Sporting ‘Hair Plugs’?

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Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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Is Justin Timberlake sporting hair plug transplants…?? JT has always kept his hair short and has worn hats and caps to cover up his thinning hair. I have always thought Justin had a beautiful head of hair.

As a bald man myself, I’ve had the thought of having some sort of treatment to regrow hair. Although I did read today that Scientists have come up with a breakthrough that could end baldness. They have found a way of cloning the tiny cells that contain the ‘instruction book’ for growing new hair.

And these lab-grown cells sprout hair when put back into human skin.

A source said:

“He’s been very self-conscious about his receding hairline – so a few months before he began shooting his new movie ‘Runner Runner,’ he underwent a series of hair plug transplants.”

No comment from Justin or his camp. Is bald sexy?

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