Kim Kardashian’s Shows Off Big Ass!

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OMG! Ok, am I the only one who thinks this is an awful picture?! Something like this should maybe be kept more personal, but then again she did get famous from a sex tape.Kim Kardashian is a beautiful girl, but I’m not sure this is the post baby photo the world needs to see! Not a good look, especially for a new mom.

Kim Tweeted this photo out last night only saying “#NoFilter”… and her baby daddy, Kanye West, was quick to respond! Apparently he loves it… so there you go! In the picture, she’s wearing a sexy white monokini that exposes that famous booty and some major side boob! Her back is mostly facing the camera, and her big ass is fully on display!

And Kanye’s response:

It’s great that she’s embracing her curves, but I have to ask…

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