Rochester Hills Girls Have An Amazing Invention!

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Two sisters from Rochester Hills have invented the Unmarx to help solve the problem of annoying pet hair and unwanted marks on clothing….and…IT WORKS!

Coop and Gillian were lucky enough to talk to them in-studio today and the ladies demoed the hand-sized pad.

Listen to the interview below:

It has a mesh scrubber that gets the residue off your clothes. The product idea was happened when Nancy Tomovska and her sister, Stephanie, were on their way to a meeting. Stephanie noticed Nancy had deodorant all over her shirt. She grabbed a wet towel to remove the mark, but it wasn’t good enough.

“When I got to the meeting I realized i had this huge wet spot,” said Nancy. “Steph and I talked about looking for another product and we couldn’t find anything out there.”

That’s when they decided to create one!

The pair’s most recent success: Unmarx was selected to be in Swag Bags for Celebrities and VIPs  at the Golden Globe Awards.

To buy Unmarx online, CLICK HERE.
To find a store to buy Unmarx, CLICK HERE.
Unmarx Facebook: HERE.
Unmarx Twitter: FOLLOW HERE.
During the month of October, they  are offering free shipping for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The promo code is PINK13.


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