Throwback Thursday With Miley Cyrus!

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Miley Cyrus grew up on a 500-acre farm in Tennessee before moving her entire family to Los Angeles to film Hannah Montana. Miley was only 13. Out of all the Disney and Nickelodeon stars of that time and pretty much ever since, there’s been no bigger star than Miley Cyrus. Hannah Montana was a phenomenon!!!

Miley Cyrus is on a mission to take over the world with her “new” image and sound. She still has plenty of believers who support her. It’s Throwback Thursday with Miley Cyrus! 2009 was a HUGE year for Miley! Take a look!

Oh sweet niblets!

This is one of my favorite Miley songs. Miley’s voice sounds so beautiful, and the song makes me cry! Guess you can say I’ve climbed a lot of mountains in my life.

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