Control Your Smartphone With A Wristband

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A new NFC wristband allows smart phones users to turn off their alarms and turn up the music without ever having to touch your phone…HELLO SNOOZE BUTTON!

Created by a group of Spanish University students, this wristband transforms the back of your smartphone into a “big button.”

There are two “tags” inside the wristband that perform different commands to the phone.  For example, if an alarm goes off, users can silence it with one tag or snooze it with the other. The tags also allow you to change songs in your music app as well as change the volume which means no more special trips to the iHome to skip that weird song that popped up on Pandora.

The app works through clothing, making it easier to control your phone, even with it being stuffed in the back of your pocket. don’t worry the wristband is waterproof and runs around $33.75. Would you use the NFC wristband?

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