The U.S. Constitution Now protects Your Facebook ‘LIKE’

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The U.S. Constitution Now protects your Facebook ‘LIKE’

Clicking “Like” on a Facebook post or page is now a form of speech protected by the

U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, according to an opinion issued on Wednesday

by a federal appeals court.

The decision to consider a Facebook ‘Like’ as protected speech may affect how

courts apply freedom of speech rules to users’ online activities.

Judge, William Traxler, who authored the opinion, says that liking a political

candidate on Facebook is the Internet equivalent of displaying a political sign in

ones front yard.

Several people are fighting for their jobs back after being fired for ‘Liking’ their

sheriffs’ opponent in the sheriff elections. Facebook, the fired employees and the

Civil Liberties Union, argued that a Facebook Like must be considered free speech,

meaning that an employer cannot legally fire their employees for expressing their

opinion on social networks.

Do you agree with this decision? Should the First Amendment Protect FB Likes?

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