Good Bye Phone Chargers?

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Say Goodbye to Phone Chargers and Hello to Sleeping Bags and Pockets. No longer will you have to scope out every place you go for an outlet, you can now charge your phone with body heat and a sleeping bag or pocket in your clothes.

Vodafone has just revealed the wearable pocket charger. It works by technology called thermocouples, pairs of thermoelectric material that is small enough to fit into clothing. They are then printed and connected to create a “pocket.”

The technology uses heat provided from your body, on the inside layer of the clothing or sleeping bag and creates power based on the difference between that and the outer layer. Eight hours in a sleeping bag will charge your phone enough to last eight hours.

The devices are currently only available in England, but could soon be making its way to the US. Do you think this could be the next big thing?

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