Texting A Driver In New Jersey Could Get You In Trouble, Too

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We all know by now that texting while driving is an not a good idea, but a New Jersey court recently decided that the driver wont be the only one punished for texting-related incidents.  Now, someone who sends a text message to another person can be held liable for texting-related accidents as long as the sender knows the recipient was behind the wheel.

In an earlier texting while driving case, a teenager crossed the center line on the road and injured a couple on a motorcycle. The couple not only wanted the driver punished, but also the girl he was texting to be charged with negligence, saying she knew she was texting someone who was driving, causing the distraction.

In this case, they were not able to prove the girl sending the text messages knew the boy was behind the wheel, so she was not charged. The court found the argument intriguing enough and will consider the responsibility of the sender in text message incidents from now on.

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