Is Your Boyfriend Jealous Of Your Success?

A recent scientific study showed that boyfriends got jealous whenever their girlfriends had success.

According to the study, “It didn’t seem to matter to men what the circumstances of their girlfriends’ success was. Whether the success was social or intellectual, whether it related to the boyfriend’s failure or was just something the woman achieved independent of anything the boyfriend did, the men still tended to feel worse about themselves when their girlfriends succeeded.”

“The Study” also implies something interesting, that men generally don’t feel good enough for their ladies. ”In the face of a partner’s success, women felt better about the future of their relationship, and men felt worse. Men felt better about the future of their relationship when their partner had just failed.”

The researchers who conducted this study among 896 people in heterosexual relationships, theorized that men were conditioned to be more competitive so they felt less successful when their ladies out shined them. My advice to these guys is to get over it. In relationships and life, someone is always going to be better or worse at something than you are and whether that person is a co-worker, a friend or lover, you got to roll with the punches. One day you’re on top, the next your significant other is, that’s actually the benefit of being in a relationship, their is always someone there to pick you up when you’re falling, but that can only happen if you’re both strong.


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