Girl Scams A Telemarketer Before They Can Scam Her

A woman found herself on the line with a scammer, who she realized wasn’t actually someone calling to give her money she had won (it never is), when they asked for her personal information.

After realizing she was getting scammed, instead of hanging up on the person on the other end, she decided to play along and prank them – and then post the entire conversation on youtube.

Amy posted this on her YouTube page:

So this is the second time I have gotten a call from someone in “Washington DC” claiming that I won a grant from the US government. The first time I was called the man explained everything then asked for my account or card info. I polite said “you guys can mail me a check but I will not give out my account or card info” he then responded “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!!!” then hung up on me.

So this is the second time i have gotten the same kind of call. This time though I was more prepared. I was talking to this lady for another 7 minutes before I decided to start recording this priceless convo. I pretty much started the whole convo over with her cause it was so funny and she was willing to repeat herself 100 times.

All the info spoken in this video was made up by yours truly:)

Maybe they will stop calling me now…

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