Paula Deen on Dancing with the Stars

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In order to win shows such as American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and Celeb Cook offs etc. fans and the judges have to vote for you…

Well Dancing with the Stars’s Mark Ballas could be seeing a loss this season why you ask? He could be partnered with the rumored newest cast member of the show…Paula Deen!!!

Mark who has no say in who his partner will be says the producers pretty much force you to dance with who they have chosen. Is Mark happy about this? We don’t think so, considering Paula the southern cooking guru is not known for her recipes anymore and is now known for her racial slur scandal. ABC has yet to confirm that Paula will be on the show but the rumor is spreading like wild fire. I guess Mark better prepare to be the first couple to be eliminated. To find out how Mark really feels about this go to the TMZ website to see the exclusive interview they got!

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