Cory Monteith Drug Pics, How Much Celeb$ Get Naked For, And Nicki Minaj In A Thong

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Nicki Minaj (Photo Credit: Don Arnold/Getty Images)

Nicki Minaj (Photo Credit: Don Arnold/Getty Images)

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“In Touch Weekly” says that “Glee” is going on hiatus to deal with CORY MONTEITH’S death.  A his character Finn Hudson had a central storyline at the beginning of the upcoming fifth season . . . so they have to do a lot of re-writing.  ALSO, there are some pics published yesterday that show him and Lea Michele together last year . . . and there appear to be needle marks on Cory’s arm. SEE PICS HERE.

Huffington post released a list of celebs who have posed nude, for how  much, and who turned down the cash. So the most interesting ones were

KIM KARDASHIAN only made $110,000 when she posed for “Playboy”, if you can believe that.

Some sick freak offered JUSTIN BIEBER’S mom PATTIE MALLETTE $50,000…which she turned down.

And the Octomom, NADYA SULEMAN, came in the cheapest.  She took it off for EIGHT GRAND.

I don’t know what happened yesterday but apparently celebs decided to go cray cray on instagram. NICKI MINAJ posted a picture of her butt . . . in a THONG (SEE THAT HERE) AND RIHANNA dyed her hair GREY. (SEE HERE)Like…old person grey.



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