New High-Tech Mood Bracelet?!

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Traffic, bad customer service and school work are just some of the things that can make you feel as if the world is against you, and put you in a terrible mood. The next time something brings you down, the W/ME wristband will help lift you back up.

This isn’t your usual step-counter, calorie-burner wristband. This wristband aims to pick the wearers mood and offer an interactive for quickly getting back on track. Crazy right? Each wristband contains a medical-grade sensor called the life spectrum analyzer. This allows the device to capture and analyze electrical impulses from special cells in the right atrium, an indictor for your body’s nervous system.

Touching and holding the wristband send measurements into an app on the users phone. The app then scores you on being passive, aggressive, excited, etc. When your score is too high, Attu, the fitness whale, will guide you through breathing exercises.

Would you give the W/ME wristband a shot?

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