Miley Cyrus Has An Interesting Performance on Jimmy Kimmel

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Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

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Okay, I’m going to try and be nice here because I do like Miley, however WTF is she doing these days?

Maybe she is having an early mid life crisis? The short hair, the risky outfits, twerking video’s… I get it. She’s young, having fun, doing what she wants and trying to figure it out. I am just afraid of the direction she’s heading in.

Artist like Madonna, Britney, Christina, and Rihanna can get away with the risqué look and lap dance performances. It’s a natural look for them, as they are also older. In my opinion, it’s just not Miley or it doesn’t fit. She doesn’t look natural doing it and it makes me uncomfortable watching it.

Take a look at her performance on Jimmy Kimmel:

What did you think? Miley has a beautiful voice, although she did have some shaky vocals in this performance. I think she should ditch the stripper thigh high boots, that she can’t even move in, and get back to the basics. I know she has a lot going on in her personal life, but I miss the old Miley… the natural Miley who wasn’t out to prove that she “doesn’t care” to everyone.

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