Memoto’s Wearable Camera Captures Your Memories

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How would like to be able to capture your ‘love at first sight’ or the face of a purse thief in a crowded area? Soon you will be able to with Memoto, a life-logging camera.

We’ve all had that “Should I take a picture of this?” moment and now we no longer have to worry! Memoto is a wearable device that captures pictures every 30 seconds. You may have a million pictures from behind your desk while you’re at work, luckily, memoto sorts your photos into a timeline making it easy for you to search for pictures.

The wearable camera will make 20 or 30 key frames that end up in one timeline, and then you can tap into them and zoom into that moment. The device also has a gps inside, making it easy to search though different cities and streets.
Wearing a device that takes pictures every 30 seconds could be rather annoying, but could this be the next big thing?

Head over to to read more about it!

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