Sesame Street’s New Character For Kids With Parents In Jail

That headline is a little shocking. I suppose the world turns a blind eye to those children who are dealing with this tough issue. 2.7 million children to be exact.

Sesame Street’s new character is named Alex, and he’s going through a tough time coping because his Dad is in prison. Alex won’t be a regular character like Big Bird on the show, but he will be featured and the goal is to help teach kids how to handle some of the emotions they may be experiencing, such as anger, saddness and guilt.

“I just miss him so much,” the fuzzy blue-haired muppet says of his locked-up dad, adding, “Sometimes I just feel like I want to pound on a pillow and scream as loud as I can.”

The sensitive subject is being featured in an online teaching kit called, “Little Children, Big Challenges.”

I think it’s also a great way for other children to better understand why their friend may not have a Mom or Dad at home because of this issue.

How do you feel about this new character?

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