Skinny Girl Vodka: Not So Skinny, Not So Natural?

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Skinny Girl Vodka, known for their “natural” flavors and “low-carb, low-calorie” vodka, has been exposed.

Known for flavors like: White Cherry Vodka, Moscato and Mojito, Skinny Girl has claimed to have all “natural” flavored drinks.  Although, a source says they are not being 100% truthful!

According to, there are only 75 calories in a 1.5 oz serving of 60 proof Skinnygirl Vodka. A normal 1.5 oz serving of vodka contains 90 proof alcohol and has about 100 calories. This makes us wonder how Skinnygirl makes their low-calorie vodka.

The simplest way to make a low-calorie drink is to lower the percentage of alcohol. Lets break it down. So, Skinnygirl vodka only contains 60 proof alchohol, while having 75 calories a serving. This means that if Skinnygirl were to be a full 90 proof alcohol, it would end up having more calories than the standard vodka, at 100 calories a serving.

Calling low alcohol beverages low-calorie is just a trend used for marketing. You’re better off getting a regular bottle of vodka.

Skinnygirl was asked how they get their “natural” flavors, but has not responded.

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