Just Released Michael Jackson’s New Death Scene Photos…

I’m not writing this to poke fun at Michael Jackson. I’m part of the “let him rest in peace” fan club. I’m actually a huge fan of the King of Pop. So as a fan of his music, it’s so sad that he became addicted to drugs which eventually killed him.

Seeing these photos that were just released just makes me even more sad…… And now his young daughter Paris is cutting herself and attempting to kill herself by popping too many pills.. You have to wonder as a young child what did she really see go on with her Dad. (heavy sigh) I just want to hug her.

CLICK HERE to see the photos the LAPD took on June 25th, the day Michael Jackson died. WTF was going on in that house?! Some doctor Dr. Murray was…

This is how I would like to remember the King of Pop!


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