Austin Mahone Talks New Album And Taylor Swift!

Ok I’ll be honest when Austin Mahone came around with his song Say Something I liked it but it didn’t make me say WOW if you know what I mean. What has hurt Austin’s rise to fame is Justin Bieber….need I say anymore. Well Austin is growing up, and his new song What About Love is HOT!! I LOVE this song! Check out Austin’s new video! Do you think Austin has the potential to move up to Bieber status??

Austin is finishing up his new album and shared a little bit about what we can expect.

“My new album, it’s going to have a different sound from what you heard with “Say Something” and “Say You’re Just a Friend.” I did my entire album with Red One and I play guitar and piano so I got a chance to put that on the track. It’s a mixture between like old school Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC melodies mixed with newer production like electronic dance music.”

At the Billboard Music Award Austin had a chance to go out to eat with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran! “It was cool; they’re all extremely nice people, so humble. They’re just like regular people so it’s really cool to get to hang out with them.”

Austin had this to say about doing a collaboration with the two. “Maybe, you never know.”

What do you think? I’m sure they die hard Austin Mahone fans are like stay away from Taylor!!!

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