Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her Family Life

Jennifer Lopez recently had an interview with ABC News in which she said that the traditional family life is not the only way to go…she stated…

“I  am a non-traditional family . . . Me being a single mom, their dad doesn’t live  at home with them. They have three stepbrothers from two other moms . . . that’s  not traditional.”

She went on to say…

“It’s about love and that’s what I constantly remind  myself of because I kind of let society get inside my head, ‘Oh, it should be  like this. I did this, I did that. I failed.’ . . . It’s like, no. They’re  happy, they’re healthy, they’re loved more than anything in the world and  they’re going to be fine. I want them to know that.”

The truth of the story is there are more and more families like this in this age and time and maybe it is not always a bad thing! What do you think!?

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