What You Heard On The Coop Show: 05.22.13

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Happy Humpday from The Coop Show!  Nothing like celebrating Humpday with concert tickets, cash, and More Hit Music Every Hour!  The Coop Show had $1,000 if you knew the Phrase that Pays.  The show also had tickets to Wiz Khalifa and tickets to see Marina and the Diamonds!  Also, the Coop Show embarrassed Gillian this morning after playing a recording of her singing that she didn’t know was recorded!

The interns played TV theme song trivia this morning.  Listen in as the interns stunk it up and really had no clue what any of the songs are.  Play along as see how well you would do!  Also, Coop helps Gillian write a love letter back to some random creep that message Gillian on Facebook.

To listen on a mobile device, click HERE!

A few days ago, Coop recorded Gillian while she was singing.  Gillian had no clue Coop was recording and she had no clue was going to do this to her!  Listen in and see if you can guess what she’s singing.  Also, find out how you can help donate to the Oklahoma Relief Fund!

To listen on a mobile device, click HERE!

Detroit’s New 98.7 AMP Radio claims they play more music than anyone else, but is it REALLY true?  Take Coop’s Music Math Quiz to find out!

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The Coop Show goes 60 minutes, no commercials!

To listen on a mobile device, click HERE!

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