Bruno Mars Changes His Hair Style Because…

Bruno Mars has changed his hairstyle. He recently told InStyle magazine…

”My dad brought me up on stage one night with his doo-woop group, and I started wiggling my hips. I got my first Elvis jumpsuit when I was four. My mom use to blow-dry my hair to give me a pompadour. Damn straight [it’s my signature look]! But it was becoming too much. I’ve seen everybody wearing it, so I retired it. Now I wake up, shower, and leave my hair as it is. Curly hair is a pain. That’s why I wear so many hats.”

This actually reminds me of someone on our promo staff! She has always dyed her hair pink but now it is blue.  When I asked her why the change she said “too many people have pink hair now of days” (granted I have not seen many).  However, it is the same idea, not wanted to do something anymore because others are now doing it!

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