The Coop Show Daily Podcast (05.01.13)

Happy Humpday!  There was so much going on today on The Coop Show, that if you missed it, I feel bad for you.  The show talked about how the Plan B pill can be purchased by 15 year olds.  The show got a call from a local 15 year old girl that has a pretty sad response to the pill being available to girls her age.  Also, with Farrah Abraham’s porno being released soon, the show talked about things that moms have had to give up when they became a parent.  You won’t believe some of the calls we got!

Lindsay Lohan is still hitting up bars, Rob Kardashian sued and Plan B is now available to 15 year olds!

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Pics from Farrah Abraham’s porno, Amanda Bynes tweets out half naked pics, and what you had to give up as a mom.

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Your chance at $1,000, what celebrities members of the Coop Show look like, and The Coop Show goes commercial free!

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