7 Natural Energy Boosters

Literally the hardest thing for me to do each day is just get out of bed! On top of that I feel like I am always tired and drinking energy drink after energy drink.  I came across this list of natural energy boosters on Cosmopolistan.com and figured I would share it with you!

1) Hydrate

Kick off your say with some room temperature water, if it is too cold your body actually has to do work to heat it up.  On top of that stay hydrated throughout the entire day! having too many starchy carbs and sodas in your body can actually make you tired

2) Move It

Agarwal says that 25 to 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five to seven  times a week will help you fall asleep faster and go into a deeper sleep so  you’re more rested during the day. Plus, you’ll enjoy that natural energy high  after your workout.

3) Just Breathe

Take five deep breaths while picturing happy images, and you can actually up  your serotonin (“happy hormone”) levels. Note: Deep breathing comes from the belly rather than the  diaphragm. Make sure you’re doing it correctly by putting your finger on your  bellybutton and feeling yourself getting a Buddha belly as you breathe  in.

4) Good Morning

Can’t seem to get out of bed? Try three downward dog and plank positions for  three to five breaths each first thing in the AM. It’s a nice way to rev your  internal engine and your core, making it easier to harness that power center  throughout the day.

For the rest of the list CLICK HERE



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