Why Is Bieber’s Grandpa Mad?

Justin Beiber’s grandpa claims that Justin isn’t the loving little boy he once knew stating, “I wonder who on earth is looking after him”. What did Justin do this time to make grandpa mad? Grandpa expresses his dissapointment and hurt feelings, and you won’t believe why!

He thinks that Justin has gotten caught up with his lifestyle and fame, and has forgotten about the people who have always been there for him.The grandpa of the 18 year old sensation, says that he is in poverty and Justin is doing nothing to help him or his step-grandmother. George, 61 is unjured with a back problem and is unable to work. He says that his grandson has, “gotten too big for his britches, and he never calls us. I’m starting to think he just doesn’t care.”

George expresses, “I gues it’s just not in the cards for us”. He says that Justin is overly generous with his other family members, buying them houses, cars and everything under the sun. “Justin is worth 70 million, and we’ve never seen a penny of it”.

Do you think Justin should help out his family members? Or is there a line where helping people because you have money is drawn?

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