Beer Pong Comes With 3 Million Germs

You might want re-think your next beer pong game. You’re probably better off eating lunch on a public toilet seat than playing the popular drinking game.

Students at Clemson University decided to study the germ content on beer pong balls, which fly from hand to table to floor to other hand to cup full of beer that you have to drink night after night.

Check out the results:

There are up to 3 million germs on the balls including bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, staph, and e. Coli. This germ count is found after the ball went from a persons hand, to the ground, to a cup of beer. You can’t always rely on the beer to “kill off” the germs.

While 90% of germs are generally harmless, there’s a pretty good chance that eventually beer pong players are going to get sick from the game – and not just from drinking too much beer. Owner of BPONG, Billy Gains, who puts on national beer pong tournaments says he is not surprised by the results. After tournaments, people complain about coming down with “pong flu.”

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